Hypnosis Audio to Reduce Anxiety £14.99

This audio transforms anxious feelings, thoughts and creates positivity and calm to start the day in a great way or end the day with a calm mind to help you sleep.

This audio does not replace therapy but is a great start to wellness it is not a meditation but a powerful hypnosis track to work at a subconsious level to give you some relief.

Mind Detox - Mindset Reset Recorded Full Hypnosis Video Session £149 £97

Watch this session as if you were in person in the therapy room having a full hypnosis session to clear your mind, release issues, mental blocks, stress, anxiety, burdens and feel recharged, brighter and uplifted.

This is a proper hypnosis therapy session to create change this is not a meditation or suggestion therapy.

Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset - Online Pre Recorded Therapy Full Program

Watch Anytime £799

now £497 time limited price


This highly successful proven method used for over 12 years in Wahida's Practice has now been put into an affordable online video therapy program which you can watch in your own time.

You will get proper therapy techniques to eliminate and reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

It has been adapted for use in any context so you can do it on your own at home and still get great results!

To learn about this Program and if you wish to work with Wahida you will need to watch a short webinar presentation

Phobia Elimination with Wahida on zoom or in person £350

This is a Phobia Elimination for 1 or 2 phobias you will need to book a free 30 minute consultation below to discuss your fears phobias etc to see if this method is suitable for you. This is a 90 minute session where you will get the opportunity to test it or go out in cars, elevators, motorways etc this can be done on video chat or in person so is suitable for clients in any country

I coach and mentor other therapists

I privately coach other therapists on how to effectively treat anxiety and panic attacks using my methods so they can get the shortcut and use my expertise to rapidly uplevel their skillset. If you are a therapist and would like to get the sort of results I have with anxiety and panic attacks please book the 30 minute consult and we can have a chat.

I do monthly Private Coaching with Executives who need to excel in their careers and goals

Please book a 30 Minute Consultation if you would like Coaching to smash through blocks, limitations, fears, public speaking, career advancement and life goals.