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The Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method -

Used for over 12 Years in my practice - Proof of Results

It's ok to be sceptical if you have tried therapy before.... what if you chose the wrong method and were just working on symptoms all of this time? Lets treat the cause of anxiety in your mind and body at a brain level and watch the magic happen below!

Discover what rapid change is and how is it possible using brain based methods to release the fear response in the brain

A mixed group of clients talk about their results with The Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method which onl takes about 4 weeks to feel better even if you have had anxiety for years.

Claire was suffering with PTSD and unable to leave the house after a traffic accident and even after counselling and cbt unable to work. She did the 4 week Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method and here are the results !

A case study showing a client who had 15 to 20 years with extreme phobia of bridges open spaces, motorways and planes. Had never been on holiday abroad and hunched low in open spaces

A few mini clips of client results using the 4 Week Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method a rapid way to release panic attacks and anxiety.

Libby was crying every day with anxiety and panic attacks. She felt overwhelmed and unable to cope. She cried during her phone assessment and her first session as didn't believe it was possible to get better.

Lisa was experiencing panic attacks daily and was unable to leave the house. She didn't walk the dog or take her children to school. She had health anxiety examining every twinge or body sensation and cried every time she was left alone. She had lots of therapy and a year of acupuncture before coming to see me.

Emily had 7 years of physical vomiting and anxiety every day. She was unable to do full days at college or stay at friends houses. She had been to top clinics and psychologists who were trying to make her do exposure therapy which was not helping and very frightening.

Hear how Georgia was checking her pulse daily, stopped exercising as her heart was worrying her. Worried about health. Emotional and anxious every day. See the amazing results in just a few weeks.

This lady is from USA and had come across my Youtube channel and she wanted to work with me as she lived in a very remote location and was feeling alone, grief after her husband passed away and felt isolated.

Imagine not being able to leave the house for 10 years and every time he tried to he would faint, feel dizzy, get bowel movements, palpitations. Watch the wonderful results

Helen is a disabled lady who stopped leaving her house, she had anxiety, panic attacks, fear of doctors and hospitals, couldn't make phone calls and had debilitating pain in her body. See what happened.

15 Years of Elevators and Motorway phobia and spend thousands on therapy with many types of therapists she only did the 90 min fast phobia session.

An retired Lawyer who said her brain was too busy to sleep and she was just like that since she was a girl. Unable to sleep and struggling with energy we did The Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset over 4 weeks with amazing results !

This client was experiencing grief, depression, unable to sleep and pacing the streets at night.

This lady was sent to me by her chiropractor who had been treating and cracking her jaw as she was grinding teeth and clenching her jaw for 20 years and was on a lot of medication daily.

This lady travelled for 3 hours each time just to see me each week to get the theapy as she had seen many therapists before. She was sceptical about zoom so chose to drive for hours each time!!

Hear how Tom felt sad and low and had no motivation to do things he used to love, gym, rowing and seeing friends. After our program he moved to a different town, started socialising and enjoyed rowing again.

Alfie had experienced a trauma and then suffered with anxiety, panic attacks, unable to sleep and feeling angry all the time as his body was in constant fight flight freeze and unable to stay calm.

In this video I explain in a bit more detail why people get health anxiety, what is it and you can hear how Grace was able to overcome health anxiety, fear of hospitals and fear of being alone.

22 years of depression and had tried CBT, medication, counselling, therapy, reiki and energy healing trying everything possible to get better until she found me.

Maggie lived far away in Chichester and had panic atttacks driving and in social situations. She even sold her car. We did all our therapy on zoom and she bought a new car and was able to socialise and do things she was unable to do before.

Fear of Bridges and motorways 4 years and unable to go on them. Here driving during the 90 minute fast phobia session.

Rob was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks and not working every day. He was unable to go on motorways also.

This was the first time we met as he had been turned down for treatment by a dentist as he had panic and ran away. So we did therapy in the car and went for covid jabs. I saw him again one more time and took him to the dentist just to make sure he could handle the injections and prove his phobia was gone.

20 year fear of elevators, small spaces, trains, planes and back of cars. All gone in 90 minutes and tested.

This method even works for eating and emotional eating, underlying low self esteem or depression that is often supressed. 3 Stone weight loss doing The Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method.

social anxiety client unable to go out with friends and kept avoiding events, dinners etc

Watch a client with 30 years of agoraphobia now go on public transport and out to dinner and shops.

A family man who couldn't explain why he felt sad every day and shut himself away from his family. He had his own business but changed to easy warehouse work just because of anxiety.

Lee was experiencing panic attacks, grief, and wanting to run away from most situations and was unable to cope with people around him. He didn't know why he felt like this and kept running away from meals, family etc.

Cat was experiencing social anxiety. She was crying most days and shutting herself away in her room. She didn't speak in class and when speaking to me it was like a whisper when we first met and her mum had to speak on her behalf.

Bronte had many years of trauma, panic attacks, bulimia and lots of night terrors. Her body was constantly on edge. She was not sick after the very first time I treated her using a content free method we spent the remaining weeks working on trauma release so panic attacks could stop.

This lady lived far away so her therapy was done on zoom and she was driven by her mum to see me for her final appointment and we went out for a drive to test it.

Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia unable to do most things because of pain after her sessions started walking everywhere and doing zumba before work as a nurse.

Driving Anxiety

I saw this client twice as he had an extreme fear of injections this was the second time as we did therapy in the car and went to the dentist to get some treatment and injections!

15 years of Elevator phobia now gone doing the 90 minute fast phobia treatment including testing by going in the lift.

I was on a flight from Spain and I saw a young lady in distress and she said she was going to cry for the whole journey. I saw her crying and grabbing the man next to her. I managed to get her moved next to me and did some quick therapy and she was able to smile and fly home without panic.


Proof of this incredible method - scroll along using the orange side arrows

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