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Wahida Finlay International Anxiety & Panic Attack Specialist

Anxiety Unlocked Immediate access to my FREE 10 Part Video Series

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Does this sound like you?

  • You have Anxiety? Are you confused about how you suddenly got it?
  • You get anxiety or panic attacks randomly with no triggers?
  • Have you tried CBT , distraction and breathing, meditations and cannot seem to control anxiety or panic?
  • Does talking about it to therapists just retraumatise you and leave you upset and still anxious as ever?
  • You still have anxiety even if you have had months of therapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, reiki, healing, mindfulness and breathing techniques?
  • Are you constantly worried and obsessing over your health? "Health Anxiety"
  • You sometimes think that you are stuck with anxiety and panic forever because it feels uncontrollable?
  • Is anxiety stopping you from going to places, travelling, working or enjoying life or causing difficulty in relationships?
  • Are you curious to know how some people with many years of anxiety and phobias have done the 4 Week Anxiety Gamma Reset Method and are suddenly free to do everything and anything?
  • Are you curious about how all the people in the videos below even with complex and severe panic attacks are happy and free permanently?

Watch this video and learn how you can be free of Anxiety

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The Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method -

Used for over 12 Years in my practice - Proof of Results

It's ok to be sceptical if you have tried therapy before.... what if you chose the wrong method and were just working on symptoms all of this time? Lets treat the cause of anxiety in your mind and body at a brain level and watch the magic happen below!

Discover what rapid change is and how is it possible using brain based methods to release the fear response in the brain

A few mini clips of client results using the 4 Week Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method a rapid way to release panic attacks and anxiety.

A mixed group of clients talk about their results with The Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method which only takes about 4 weeks to feel better even if you have had anxiety for years. Many many more videos of proof of results are in the testimonials tab at the bottom of this page. You can watch many case studies and see if anything resonates with you.


Proof of this incredible method - scroll along using the orange side arrows

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I don't take phonecalls or email requests as I run a very busy practice. You can watch Anxiety Unlocked 10 Part Free series to learn everything you need to know or watch some of the testimonials and other videos here. If you would like therapy asap plesase choose the services button to find out more and get in touch by booking a free 30 min call choosing a suitable time for you.

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Therapy is also conducted online via zoom video meeting if you live far away or you can do one of the online pre recorded therapy with Wahida at your own pace.

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