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Hypnosis Audio to Reduce Anxiety £14.99

This audio transforms anxious feelings, thoughts and creates positivity and calm to start the day in a great way or end the day with a calm mind to help you sleep.

This audio does not replace therapy but is a great start to wellness it is not a meditation but a powerful hypnosis track to work at a subconsious level to give you some relief.

Mind Detox - Mindset Reset Recorded Full Hypnosis Video Session £97

Watch this session as if you were in person in the therapy room having a full hypnosis session to clear your mind, release issues, mental blocks, stress, anxiety, burdens and feel recharged, brighter and uplifted.

This is a proper hypnosis therapy session to create change this is not a meditation or suggestion therapy.

Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset - Online Pre Recorded Therapy Full Program

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Easy Weight Loss hypnosis £19.99

Bruxism Teeth Grinding Hypnosis £14.99

Restful Sleep Hypnosis £14.99

Stop Snacking Hypnosis £14.99

Reduce Alcohol Hypnosis £14.99

Stop Alcohol Hypnosis £14.99