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I'm Wahida Finlay

Creator of The Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method

I am an Award Winning Anxiety and Panic Attack Specialist using this unique method that I created using over 13 years of experience working with thousands of anxiety and extreme panic attack and phobic clients with multiple and severe traumas. I run a busy therapy practice full time and see clients from all over the world.

This method has enabled my private clients to overcome debilitating anxiety, years of panic attacks, free themselves of worry, overthinking, fear, and all physical symptoms of anxiety and panic in just a 4 to 6 weeks of therapy without needing medication.

The reason this method is so lifechanging is because we are working using a little bit of light hypnosis combined with eyes open techniques and rapid brain techniques, EMDR and other bilateral brain techniques to release anxiety at a brain level. We will be using various brain states, Theta, Delta and Gamma brain states which enable rapid change to occur and rewire the neural pathways to eliminate all anxiety and panic. This is tested over 4 weeks so the program takes usually about 7 to 8 weeks in total to ensure that you can experience all lifes challenges and various anxiety inducing scenarios without any symptoms at all.

This method is so transformative and rapid because the traditional talking therapy or CBT or coping mechanisms you may have tried are dealing only with symptoms so are not effective for anxiety. These methods maybe fine for grief counselling or marital problems but are not brain based methods and will not eliminate panic attacks which is a physical response caused by a heightened spike of fear in part of your brain. The Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method treats the cause at a brain level so your amygdala the part responsible for panic and anxiety is shut down so anxiety is gone very quickly.

Please watch some of the videos below to understand a bit more about this and do sign up for the free mini 10 part video series which is only a few minutes each answering all the questions you will need to help you understand why you are not better even if you have had therapy before and if this method is suitable for you.

The Anxiety Gamma Brain Reset Method works best for adults and teens over 16 who are mature and able to follow instructions. It is suitable for even the most sceptical and analytical person as you do not need to believe in hypnosis or the method for it to work. All you need to do is follow instructions and focus on what I say.

Prestige Award Winner 2023 - Winner Contribution to Mental Health for London and South East of England

Find out how to work with Wahida? All therapy is done either online video Zoom meetings or in person in Wokingham Berkshire UK at the therapy room. Both are highly effective for clients far away or different countries as we don't need to touch you for effective therapy.

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I don't take phonecalls or email requests as I run a very busy practice. You can watch Anxiety Unlocked 10 Part Free series to learn everything you need to know or watch some of the testimonials and other videos here. If you would like therapy asap plesase choose the RED services button to find out more and get in touch by booking a free 30 min call choosing a suitable time for you.

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Therapy is also conducted online via zoom video meeting if you live far away or you can do one of the online pre recorded therapy with Wahida at your own pace.

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